Victor Hein-Scheitel's home unti

Your life began here

This is a picture of your mom's and dad's house in Hellerup, located at Bernstorffsvej.

The window at the top left belongs to the room where you had your room from your birth in October 1993 to March 1995.

We are thinking at you every dag

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21 December 2011
23. October 2011
Victor - today Sunday 23 October 2011 we celebrated your 18th birthday.

It happened with me, your father in Hellerup, close to your early childhood home Bernstorffsvej 3, 2900 Hellerup, where you lived the first 2 years of your life before departing for England, London.

We miss you

Victor, at the picture here you

We wish all the best for you

Victor, at the picture here you are few months old and is safe and sound at your mother Helga Scheitel
n the picture you with your gran

We all miss you

In the picture you are  with your grandfather (father's father) and grandmother Mary Scheitel (mother's mother) in your mom's and dad's house on Bernstorffsvej in Hellerup. The event is your baptism. The christening ceremony (babtism) took place in Helleruplund Church at Bernstorffsvej.